Restaurants and Great Food!

Yes, great food is so important – not only to the quality of your holiday, but to the local Valencianos too.

So, rest assured, you’ll find plenty of exceptionally good food at very reasonable prices.

Often, some of the best food is home cooked in small local bars. They might not have cloth table tops, but their food is incredible good value, very fresh and locally sourced.

For a quick guide to local food and recipes check out this guide to typical Valenciano dishes.

‘Menu del Dia’ is the best / cheapest way to eat in Spain (weekdays) and our favourite restuarant in Pucol is Atelier

Locally, here is a list of great Pucol restuarants of which our favourite are El Moli (for steaks and red win), La Marina (for Mediterranean food on the sea front promenade), Cafe Atelier (for lunch), El Gali (beach front location), El Rincon del Faro (seafood and specialist cuisine) and Meson Alhambra (Mediterranean food) – see photos below).

Meson Alhambra

Meson Alhambra

El Moli

La Marina

El Rincon del Faro

Beyond Pucol /Puzol, you have the restaurants of Sagunto. Just below Sagunto’s Roman castle there are many special places to eat.

Equally, a short journey into La Huerta (also spelt L’Horta) you’ll find fertile farm lands and wonderful restaurants where you can enjoy amazingly good local food – such as La Luna in Almassera with its exceptionally beautiful (and classically Spanish) decor, artwork and tapestries.

One trick of the local people is to eat Almuerzo – that is a large bocadillo (filled sandwich in french-type bread). You can ask to have this filled with a slice of gammon with an egg and lettuce or similar stomach filling options! The almuezo includes nuts and olives to pick at – a beer or glass of wine, followed by a strong coffee. Typically for just 5 Euros or so. Available in most bars and restaurants until about 11am.

If you miss Almuerzo, then you’ll have to wait until 2pm (or possible 1.30pm) at the earliest as lunch in our Valencia region is served between 2pm and 4pm. (Please note, final sitting will be at 3.30pm so you finish by 4pm). Some bars will serve you fast – in the assumption that you are on a quick lunch break – if you have more time, then do please tell them. Neverthesless, if you are spending much more than 10 Euros per person for a three course lunch and coffee and drinks, then you are probably over paying. Valencia city will be a little more expensive – say 10 to 15 Euros for lunch.

Dinner is normally a la carte, and therefore will cost more.

What’s next?

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