Nearby Villages

El Puig

Royal Monastery of Puig

El Puig is famous for its beautiful monastery which is where James 1 placed his army (and then later founded the monastery) during the siege of Valencia in 1238.

El Puig is named after the two small hills which rise from the fertile plane and on which the village (or town as we might say in English) is built


Serra is the last village before reaching up into the Sierra Calderona and it offers fabulous walks, wonderful views and some pretty good restaurants too.

In the summer, Serra also offers open air cinema too.


Gilet is another mountain village – but on the other (east) side of the Sierra Calderona mountain range. It also looks (north) over the valley to the Sierra Espadan which runs parallel with the Calderona inland.

Gilet offers many hikes and walks, of course, lots of restaurants and lively August fiestas too.

Gilet is also the first village in the valley of the Palancia river which rises upwards towards Teruel along the ‘Mudejar’ route, which has many fascinating towns – such as Viva, Jerica – where you will find an incredible fusion of Moorish and Christian architectural styles.


Is another tiny mountain village where at the weekends a Paella lunch is the perfect reward for a good morning’s hiking.

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