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About Los Monasterios, Puzol, Valencia

Los Monasterios - Also Home to La Liga PlayersAs a home to La Liga footballers, famous musicians and rock stars, plus senior judges and legal professionals seeking additional security, Los Monasterios is one of the safest and most prestigious neighbourhoods on the east coast of Spain.

And, of course, lying just 20 minutes from Valencia Airport and Valencia Football ground and America’s Cup port, our luxury location offers a perfect combination of fun and sophistication, peace and tranquillity, easy access, beaches, mountains and wonderful year round weather.

The majority of villas in the neighbourhood are individually designed and lie within their own grounds.

Los Monasterios offers high quality guarded security (24 hours per day and 7 days of the week) and with just a single access road to the area, all cars and traffic are carefully monitored. The local security firm is well regarded and security guards conduct frequent night time patrols and can respond to almost immediately.

The house is within just a few moments drive (or very short walk) of the security centre whilst offering a secluded and quiet location.

The exclusive Country Club (5 minutes walk) offers a restaurant and bar facilities where you can dine inside, on a terrace or just watch the sun do down over the Sierra Calderona, beer in hand.Puzol eat on the beach


pucol blue flag beach puzolLos Monasterios, just to the north of the Costa Blanca, is within easy reach of the local blue flag beach in Puzol as well as the many and varied beaches up and down the coast. You can choose from wild / dune beaches of Carnet den Berenguer to Resort beaches of Port Saplaya or Valencia’s city beach – Malvarosa or, further to the north the high-chic beaches of Benicassim.

The restaurants on Puzol (or Pucol) beach are some of the best in the area and offer high quality seafood to the best stakes or, if you want it quick and simple, pizza too.

Many restaurants place their tables on the pedestrianised seafront so you can enjoy the sun going down with a glass of beer, watch people go buy and or just enjoy the sound of the waves.

Los Monasterios is a all year round residential location and mixes long term residential villas with those available for short holiday rentals. So, you will feel part of real Spain whilst enjoying the wonderful Valencian light, sun and weather.

Local regular buses go to the local village and nearby sandy beach as well as connections to the Valencia Metro via Rafelbunyol and the fast train system via Puzol.

pucols main church

The motorway providing links to Barcelona (north) and Valencia / Alicante (south) are only 5 minutes away. Valencia city is reachable within 20 minutes drive and the local golf clubs (Golf Escorpion — Betera) are within 25 minutes drive.

Valencia airport – serving all major European cities is 20 minutes away by car or taxi.

A perfect place to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes and a high quality experience whilst offering easy access to the tourist attractions and lively nightlife provided by Valencia City.


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